Wine Chiller Repair

For those who really appreciate a wines quality and flavor, a wine cooler would greatly help them to achieve the finest results. These coolers are also known as wine refrigerators. Some may wonder why the necessity to get a separate refrigeration unit to store their wines?

There are many reasons to store vino in a proper device. First and foremost, many people have wine racks on their counter in the kitchen or as decoration in a formal setting. Using these methods of storing can have detrimental effects on the quality over time.

Wines really need to be stored at their proper temperatures for the best quality to hold up. Storing in coolers provides the right environment for bottles up to a year. Whereas, a bottle could easily go bad being stored at room temperature for this duration, or even in a regular refrigerator.

White collections such as Reisling, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc should be consumed at temperatures about 47F – 8C. Common food refrigeration is much too cold (between 38F – 8C. Aside from them being too cold, they also are not humid enough to stow bottles properly. Typically their humidity ranges between 17-40% and vino needs to be stowed at humidity levels of 50-80% for a length of time. When humidity levels are too low, corks have a tendency to shrink and spoil the blend.

Red collections, including Syrah, Bordeaux, and Sauvignon should be consumed at about 63F – 17C. This is still a lower temperature than the average room temperature of 70F. If these are consumed at too low a temperature, they have a bitter flavor and if too warm their flavor becomes dulled from that which they are suited. This is why so many people who have a great appreciation for the art of vino often have coolers.

There are two types of cooling cabinets. One is known as Thermoelectric – or Peltier cooling. The cooling is created by semiconductors, which is the reaction of electricity and two types of metals. This approach is very environmentally friendly since there is no need for cooling agents or a compressor. These models are easy to install, low maintenance, and environmentally sound.

The second type is known as Compressor-run cooling. These run just like typical refrigerators. They use compressors and cooling agents to create the right environment. These are still considered to be energy efficient, it’s just that how they are built will not meet eco-friendly guidelines. These are the best option for large units.

When looking to buy a wine cooler, it is very important to be practical and not just settle for the smallest one. Many consumers who have, seem to regret it because they needed to purchase a larger one soon there after. The Thermoelectric is known to perform very well up through the versions which hold about 18 bottles total. It is said that should a larger capacity be the choice, it is best to go with a Compressor-run version. For the consumer who enjoys both, red and white wines, they may really enjoy a 2 or 3 temperature zone cooler. This way they will never be limited as to what they can stow away.
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